Friday, February 10, 2012

Foster Friday: Random Prep

Not much new going on in the soon-to-be-foster-parents world.  We.  are.  still.  waiting.  But I don't want to disappoint without some kind of update.  So here is a glimpse into the smaller things going on to prepare for the foster kid(s).

Vacation planning that is potentially kid-friendly.
This year vacation planning was a bit more complicated because we don't know when our family will transform from 2+dog to 2+dog+ kid(s). I have to admit that I'm MUCH more excited to have little ones with us on vacation that it just being Kevin and I, but as we all know we don't have much control over when the foster kid(s) will come into our lives. So we booked a bigger-than-we-need beach house, instead planning to head to Great Wolf Lodge and look like creepers if we don't have any kids yet!

Take advantage of Old Navy's awesome sales for kids clothes. 
Our last run we bought 3 packs of socks (12/124m. 2T/3T, 4T/5T), long sleeve shirts (4T and 5T) and 4 of the sweatshirts below (2T, 3T, 4T and 5T) all for $30!!!  No, we aren't hoarders.  We just don't know how old the foster kid(s) will be.  And Lord knows I don't want them to be cold on their first night in our home.  I think we are now equipped with 2 outfits and one pair of PJ's in newborn to 5T.  With our luck, we'll end up with twins so that I'll only have enough clothes to make it through the first spill, spit-up, explosive diaper or whatever type or disaster can occur.  FYI- It is really hard to find gender neutral clothing after 18 months. So we have a lot of red, orange and navy.

Eliminate pointy corners.
There is some construction going on at our house (pictures to come soon) and we have purposely tried to remove any pointy corners. I can't guarantee all of them are gone, but we definitely eliminate a few prominent ones!

Eat the macaroni and cheeses that you were saving for the foster child(ren) to eat on their first night.
Do you see the candycanes, stockings, snowflakes and snowmen shaped pasta?  I thought it would make a great conversation starter during our first dinner.  But now it could make for an awkward conversation since that first dinner will definitely ont be during winter months.  So it made for a bittersweet dinner for me, paired with a bottle of wine.  Now I'm on the look out for non-seasonal shaped macaroni and cheese.

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