Friday, February 17, 2012

Foster Friday: Overthinking The First Night

As I have mentioned a few times before, I'm nervous about that first night with the foster child(ren).  I can't imagine it not being awkward.  It is a weird mix of a first date, job interview and parenting test all in one.  Honestly, I'm glad there won't be much notice because I think my nerves and excitement would completely overwhelm me and I'd shut down and end up sitting in the corner quietly humming to myself.  For Kevin's sake, let's pray that that doesn't happen!  But here are the questions that have nagged me about that first night.

What will we talk about?  I know the conversation is just going to be weird.  I've come to terms with that.  Hopefully we can talk about what we are doing.  Leading me to...

What are we going to do?  I figured we should have some activities ready to go.  Watch Finding Nemo DVD- check.  Play with wooden train set- check.  Read some books- check.  Play with the dog- check.

What's for dinner?  Previously I had planned on winter shaped mac and cheese.  This was back when our calculations told us that we would be licensed at the beginning of 2012.  Insert a bunch of government delays and we will be thankful to have a child in the spring, if not summer of 2012.  Therefore, winter shaped pasta is a no go- especially since I ate it.  Leaving that remaining question unanswered.  But then there was a glorious moment when the answer came to me as I stood in front of the endcap in Target. 
Madagascar mac and cheese!
I could have also chose the "Phineas and Ferb" variety.  Since I have no clue who/what they are, I thought it would be safer to stick to jungle animals since the conversation would be awkward enough by itself.

What will you wear to bed? I have plenty of PJ's- two drawers full actually. But the thought of the kid(s) not being warm on their first night in my house kills me. So we might have purchased PJ's in every size.
In my defense, how is an accountant
supposed to resist PJ's with numbers?
This is only newborn through 18 month.  We also have 2T-5T- so no shortage of sizes here!  And yes these are fleece PJ's which are not so conducive to summer sleeping.  Again, we didn't know about the true processing time of things when these were pruchased.  But don't think I won't have my AC cranked down to zero for that first night so they can bundle up in these cute jammies.

And in case you are concerned that I'm forgetting the other bedtime essentials, we have kiddie toothbrushes, kiddie toothpaste, bathtub toys, bubble bath, bedtime books, lovies, blankets, socks, cups of water and puppy kisses all stocked.


  1. Phineas & Ferb is actually kind of my of the few cartoons I can stomach ;-)

  2. Well, now I know it is a cartoon! And I know to not avoid it! :-)