Friday, January 6, 2012

Foster Friday: Open Book

From the very beginning, we have made a point to be very open about all aspects of our journey becoming foster parents.  Like most people we knew very, very, very little about foster care before we were involved in the process of actually becoming a foster parent.  This really is a shame.  It definitely is a system that is misunderstood due to many incorrect rumors floating around.  That isn't to say that it is a perfect system- we can attest to that!  But we have been surprised at how different the experience is than we originally expected. 

For the few people that are actually reading this blog, what questions do you have?  I'll answer any question you have because I've probably already been asked it!  So don't be shy!  Do you want to know the different between adoption and foster care?  Do you want to know if we are fostering to result in adoption?  Do you want to know how much compensation we receive per month?  Do you want to know who can become foster parents?  Do you want to know how the process of reunifying children with their birth parents work?  Or is there something else you want to know?

*** It was a blog post almost identical to this one that finally gave me that final nudge to start asking questions of another foster parent.  It was because of her honesty that we felt comfortable enough to begin this journey.  It is not my hope to convert someone into becoming a foster parent, but to make people more knowledgable about the system.***

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