Friday, January 27, 2012

Foster Friday: Meet my Friends

Have you noticed the foster parent blogs listed on the right?  Yep.  Right over there!  

I figured I should stop being rude and introduce them since they are increasingly becoming my BFF's, even if they don't know who I am.

Readers,  These are the awesome-sauce foster parent blogs that I've mention here and here, which you should really check out.

Foster Parent Blogs,  Hi! I'm the Redhead in Raleigh who loves your blog.  Glad we're friend now so it won't be so creepy when I confess my love for you publicly!  These are my fabulous readers.  Please take good care of them!

A Distinctive Love and Unique Path This is the incredibly awesome blogger who answered our thousands of questions when we first started down the foster parenting path. 

Redefining Normal  This blogger has become a good friend in real life, which tells you that she and her husband are just amazing!  She makes a point to be very honest about their foster parenting journey, which is much appreciated!  Not only has she been a great resource for us, but she's an amazing cook- try her recipes here

Fosterhood in NYC Making it hip to be a young foster parent in New York City!  Her blog lets me live vicariously in NYC and is a great insight on life post reunificiation

FosterWee  Another NYC based blog showing the day-to-day challenges of foster parents face.

Popp Life These are the career foster parents you hear about!  They welcomed many children into their home, including their two bio children.

Rage Against the Minivan  While this blog is more adoption focused than fostering, it discusses many topics that are still relevant.  I have to admit that I loved this blog a little more when I discovered our mutual love of Taye Diggs.  He is not only on my list, but he is my list.

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