Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kids at Christmas

Christmas is such an amazing time of year when kids' excitement becomes so magical and infectious.  So we decided to have over a few of our friends (and their parents) for an afternoon of Christmas and chaos fun!

Christmas Music is a must!

Play-Doh is always in season!
Present time! 
Not sure if the big kids or little kids were more excited!

Magic 8 ball, what is 100 + 100 + 100 + 100... 
Not quite the question he was expecting!
Game time!

Giant Slinky!

And then the little lady showed the big boys how it is done!

More Christmas Music!

Christmas Crackers!

Trying to figure out the "toys" in the crackers

Another Dad decoding the crackers...
at least we figured out the crown part!

Hot Mamas!

Really Kevin?  No smile?

Merry Christmas!

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