Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Click, Click, Click

Many people compare foster parenting to a roller coaster.  It seems quite appropriate.  The ups, the downs, the love, the heartache, the joy, the frustration.  And somehow at the end you want to ride again.

Our foster care roller coaster ride so far hasn't been off to the start that I expected.  Despite being in this process for 6 months, it doesn't even feel like the ride has begun.

Decided to get in line to get a closer look.  Attended the Intro Class and first round of background checks.

Actually got on the roller coaster not knowing every curve to come.  Decided this really was our path and committed to the process, which we still don't fully understand.

Buckled up.  Completed crazy amounts of paperwork, home visits, and fire inspection.

We hear the expected phrases "Keep your arms inside the car".  "The next step of the process is..."

"Enjoy the ride!" "You will make a child so happy!"

But now we are just sitting. Waiting. Sitting. Waiting.

All of the preparation is complete and we hear *click, click, click* as we climb that first huge hill, which never seems to end.  The anticipation builds as you expect the craziest ride of your life to begin at any moment.

I've always hated that first hill, but I definitely think this one is the worst one I've ever been on.  Ever.

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