Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pie Bird Baby Shower

Something that has really surprised me as we have embarked on the foster parenting journey is the support we have gotten from friends/family/coworkers. It has felt so good to know that we have a solid support system behind us when we will need them (since we know we will). We have been blown away by the genuine interest and generosity of our friends and family. Also, it has been so fun to see others getting excited about the process. I have read that couples who are expecting through adoption or fostering have often felt left out on the anticipatory celebrations and excitment. I can definitely say that this is not the case for us!

My girlfriends were kind enough to throw me my first baby shower! We met up at the Pie Bird (awesome restaurant in downtown Raleigh) to celebrate our upcoming arrival!

Here's the whole group! It is such a rare occasion that we are all able to get together, so that in itself was a huge treat!

Speaking of treats, here's my yummy Tomato Goat Cheese pie. Told you this restaurant was amazing!

 Great books for the baby

Amanda modeling the hat she made for the baby!

Jess and Heidi probably up to no good!

More presents!  

And still more!

It was an awesome night full of good friends, good food and many laughs! And more presents!

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  1. :-) That's awesome! We also have an amazing group of friends who gave us a shower. It's great to have support & to feel like you get the same celebrations as if you were pregnant.

    P.S. It was also so nice to meet you today! Thanks for saying Hi!