Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Survived the First Week!

Not only did I survive my first week of the journey to be a CPA, I came out of it feeling encouraged and motivated to kick some butt next week!

Life threw me some curve balls this week. I got all of my ducks in order on Monday night in preparation for my first Becker class for REG on Tuesday. But then it was canceled due to snow leaving little to study or do on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was super nervous (not sure why) for class on Thursday night, but it ended up not being as terrible as I expected. I will even admit that the dork in me enjoyed parts of the class. I was starting to stress about the lack of hours I had logged for studying, but my boss surprised us with a day off on Friday. Normally I would have spent this napping and taking it easy, but I got in 5 hours of solid studying. Saturday I was a true slacker and didn't study at all. But Sunday I was right back on track with 4 hours.

I also have been taking my resolution to be more healthy much more seriously. The main reason for this is that I hate my personal training sessions. I'll even admit I was delighted when our session was cancelled on Monday due to snow. I don't hate my trainer- he is a nice guy. I just hate sweating, "the burn", and all of the moving that is required. All in all, I think I just despise exercise. So why am I doing this?

#1 I read somewhere you retain more information after you workout. I have no idea if this is true, but I like to think my evening study sessions are more productive because I broke a sweat beforehand. So in some ways I'm hoping it is helping me become a CPA.

#2 It's healthy. Simple as that. I figure that if I am busting my butt working out, I really need to make that worthwhile by not eating crap. It really has helped me stay accountable to a healthy lifestyle. I even joined a local gym on Saturday so that I would no longer have an excuse to skip my weekend workouts. And I did much better on WW this week, but I am looking forward to continuing to improve next week! But down 1.8 pounds is a great place to start! I can't wait to be a CPA, but I really hope that when I get there I'll be a skinny CPA! Now I might be getting greedy, but it is a nice thought!

Hours Studied: 15
Total Hours Studied: 15
Workout Sessions: 2 (1 Personal Training, 1 at the Gym)
Weight Loss: 1.8 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 1.8 pounds

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