Friday, October 1, 2010

Dreaded Day = Amazing Day, Who Knew?

I had been dreading today for quite some time. For those non-accountants out there, it was the first day of quarter-end closing. The most stressful time in an accountant's life, excluding year-end closing. And to make things worse, this closing had to start on a Friday which totally sucks all of the fun out of a Friday! We have to go into work early, work hard, and to top it off work late. Ugh!

Well today started out as expected. I get into work super early only to find my email isn't working. This is a gigantic problem because I need to process a file by noon that I receive via email. After getting nowhere with IT during my 30 minute call, I try for the 3rd time to restart my computer. I think God felt bad for me and magically fixed whatever was wrong. Disaster adverted! So I get my file and it is wonderfully short, which means that it was completed over an hour early! Woohoo! Not only does this mean I got a "Good Job" from the boss, but I'm able to sneak out for a quick lunch with a friend. We had a lovely lunch which was capped off with the best question ever. "Would you mind if we stopped at Starbucks on the way back?" *Insert the sound of angels singing* So all afternoon I was comforted with my Solo Grande Pumpkin Spice Non-Fat No-Whip Latte with extra Nutmeg. Heaven. Pure heaven. And since I rarely have caffeine, the extra jolt of energy made me abnormally productive for a Friday afternoon.

Finally, my day was capped off with an amazing run for Week 1 Day 2 of C25K. I picked up my pace and was really running quite fast during those intervals. I definitely surprised myself with how fast I could run without being completely out of breath. And as an added bonus, my foot is feeling fine!

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