Monday, May 10, 2010


Last Thursday I took my last exam for the Spring semester- and rocked it if I do say so myself. This semester has been abnormally rough since I increased my courseload to 3 classes in order to graduate this semester. Somehow, I ended up with 3 A’s- not sure how that happened but I’ll take it! I had been looking forward to finally getting a relaxing weekend free of homework, and it was as glorious as I had imagined.

Friday I got sent home from work early by the boss. I promptly went home and took a nap, which was much needed after a week of studying. Then I somehow convinced Kevin to give me my anniversary present 2 months early. He surprised me with an awesome Coach purse- more on this later. We headed to Twisted Fork for a yummy dinner outside in the beautiful NC weather. And then I headed off to the Mary Kay color consultation- more on this later too!

Saturday we slept in pretty late and then enjoyed a lazy morning. We met up with some good friends for “linner”. You know, the meal that occurs at 2pm. We headed to the Pickled Onion solely because of one menu item: Fried Pickle Spears. All of the food, including a ton of pickles, was delicious and I’m sure we’ll be heading back to enjoy their cheap beer and outside patio. On the way home, we stopped a new garden that was gorgeous and got some incredible hanging baskets- more on this later as well! Rudy was feeling a bit neglected, so we took him for a walk in the neighborhood and had a great time visiting with neighbors along the way.

I had the morning to myself on Sunday, so Rudy and I decided we were due for some pampering. Rudy was very pleased to get a bath and a good combing. And I enjoyed the cuddliness that followed. Kevin and I think ventured out for a new screen door- more on this later- and then found the Thai place we have been searching for since we moved down here. It was soooo yummy and had great atmosphere. Can’t wait for more trips in the future. What a great weekend free of homework! Only one more left before the summer semester begins.

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