Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hooray for a Business Trip!

This may seem odd for me to be excited about a business trip. I have done my fair share of business trips and as many of you know I have never really enjoyed them. The "fun" of travelling wears off pretty quickly, probably about on the 2nd trip. However, yesterday I was asked to go to Jersey for a training seminar next week. Normally I would have been quite annoyed at the last minute offer, but I'm so excited. Kevin and I haven't been up to Jersey to see his family in quite some time. And this deal is sweetened by getting compensated for mileage! Woohoo! Now we are scrambling to get packed and run last minute errands before we leave tomorrow! I even think Rudy is excited about this "vacation" we keep talking about!

And because I think it is funny, this is the hotel I'm staying at for the seminar. We used to pass "the castle" in our travels throughout Jersey and it will be fun to finally stay there. I hear it is pretty nice!

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