Monday, November 9, 2009

C25K Week 1 Workout 1

I did say that I was going to start C25K last week. I'm not completely a slacker since I have a good excuse for my delayed start. The first part of last week I caught a nasty bug. And then I realized that even running with a dog and pepper spray I would never feel comfortable running in the dark at night. So Kevin and I joined a gym to allow for nightly runs. We got a great deal and now I have a workout buddy!

My first workout went pretty well. I ran 1.75 miles which I think is quite impressive for my first go. However, I find it odd that I feel very tired and close to death in the middle of the run. But towards the end I get this huge spurt of energy and can really pick up my speed. It is great to finish running strong, but I have this leftover energy that I'm not quite sure where it should have been used in the run. Oh well! I guess for now I'll try to work on not dying in the middle.

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