Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fake Mommy and Awesome Sleepyhead

Artichoke: Mommy meet my new friend Susie!

Redhead in Raleigh:  Hi Susie!  It is nice to meet you.

**Susie looks from Artichoke to Redhead in Raleigh and back again.**

Susie to Artichoke:  Is that your real mommy?

Artichoke very matter-of-a-fact-ly:  No, that's my fake mommy.

Yes, that really happened.  And yes, that one stung.  But I'll just add it to the growing list of names!  And honestly, as complex as this situation is, I can't really expect more of Artichoke.  He regularly refers to his biological mommy as his "real mommy", so in 5 year-old logic it makes perfect sense that I am his "fake mommy".  The same way that Daddy is still regularly referred to as an "awesome sleepyhead" since he took one nap for two hours when he had pneumonia when the boys first lived with us, even though Mommy (albeit fake) takes naps on a regular basis.


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