Monday, July 2, 2012


Artichoke and Zucchini!

Artichoke is 5 and will be starting kindergarten this fall. Despite being all boy, he is super polite. All of his teachers at daycare always comment on his manners. He loves all sports (especially basketball) and cars/trucks (especially Lighting McQueen). He's very smart and loves to sing and dance. You should see his break dancing moves! He is a great eater and loves everything "healthy", but especially is fond of spaghetti and pizza.

Zucchini will turn 2 in August. He is very easy going and almost always happy (unless he's hungry or it's bedtime). There is no "toddle" left since he has mastered running sprinting. He can even kick a soccer ball while in a full sprint. The boy is going to be a sports super star! Despite being scared of Rudy when he first came to our house, now Rudy is his favorite friend. He loves to drive his cars down Rudy's back and try to ride on his back while saying "Giddy Up"!
I promise to add photos super soon!  They need to be editted and of course I bought a new computer the night before the boys arrived.  This means that I have to get all of the new software set up so that I can hide their pretty smiles before showing you!  But they are coming, I promise!   Now that's much better!


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