Friday, May 11, 2012

Foster Friday: Mommy-War for the Motherless Child

It's Friday and time to post something about foster parenting.  Although the problem is that there isn't much going on except for waiting for "the call".  It has been a long week at work and now I've caught a nasty bug, so I'm not so inspired to whip up something more interesting than "We're still waiting". 

But you are in luck.  One of my favorite blogs, Rage Against the Minivan, has an awesome post about motherless children, which obviously includes foster kids.  It is one of my favorite posts she has ever written, so please hop over here to read it!

Note:  And yes, I am hoping that my half-assed attempt at a Foster Friday post will result in some new development in our foster parenting journey happening today.  The last time I sent you elsewhere to read a post for Foster Friday, we got a call that afternoon saying we were officially licensed.  Although I wouldn't mind if I got a nap in beforehand.  This cold is kicking my butt! 

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