Friday, May 18, 2012

Foster Friday: "The Call"

Yesterday we got "a call" for respite care.  Very exciting!

Today I thought would be plenty eventful with our family growing from 2 to 4 for the weekend.

But then we got "the call".  "The call".  This is a call for placement, not respite care.  We have been waiting for over a month for this phone call.  It is weird that it is here!

But nothing ever goes quite as you expect, especially in the foster care world.  While we have a preference of 0-4 years old, the call was for a 4 month old and the 17 year old mom.

Hmmm.  We are still thinking about this one.  Never expected to become foster parents and grandparents all at once.

The best news is that they don't need placement until Monday.

We'll be thinking this one over all weekend long.

If you are interested in how we got to this point, check out our journey here.

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