Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Raindrops on Roses

First of all, who decided that "My Favorite Things" was an Xmas song?  There is no mention of Christmas in the the song at all and Sound of Music didn't even take place during Xmas. *stepping off my Xmas carol soapbox* 

Anyway, I must have been good this year because I got a ton of cool things for Xmas that were definitely blog worthy.  And I figured you might be interested if you have some Xmas cash burning a hole in your pocket!

2012 Calendar from Paper Source  Whose Christmas is complete without a new calendar?  If you know my true love of calendars, it is surprising that I only got one calendar.  But this one is awesome because after each month has passed you can turn that page into a file folder, note card, square box, or pillow box!  I am way too excited about the file folders in my future.
Plow and Hearth Cable Knit Throw This is the best blanket I think I've ever had.  It is a great weight, very soft (especially with the fleece backing) and quite warm!  And I love everything cable knit, so it is just perfect!  It is a bit pricier than I would have liked, but we caught it on sale and figured it was worth the risk since Plow and Heart has a no nonsense 100% satisfaction guarantee.  This will definitely not be going back I can assure you that!
Birch Box This wonderful little box arrived in the mail and I had no clue the wonderfulness that was inside.  When flipping through your favorite girly magazine have you ever thought "I'd like to try *insert new beauty product* but I'm way too cheap to buy it before trying it?"  This cute little box solves this problem completely!  Every month you get 4 to 5 samples of the latest beauty products to try.  If you love them, then you can buy them at a discount on their website!  This month I tried lip gloss, eyeliner (with smudger built-in), energy drink, fashion tape and discovered that I love dry shampoo!  Fabulous gift!

Lands End Essential Down Jacket The hubby jokes that we moved to Raleigh because he was sick of me complaining about being cold.  The sad part is that it isn't a joke.  I'm always cold.  But this jacket is so so so warm.  And you don't look like a complete marshmallow since it is gathered at the waist.  What could be better than a warm deflated marshmallow?  Really, it's awesome!

Croft and Barrow Fleece Pajama Set This set of pajamas actually started out as an Xmas present that I bought online for someone else.  Once they arrived I knew that there was no way that I couldn't resist.  Now I have two pairs.  The are very warm without being hot.  The pants are a thin fleece and the top is a fuzzy thermal.  The most comfortable pajamas I have found in quite some time!  Added bonus is that they are super cheap since Kohl's is forever running crazy sales.

Coldwater Creek Wool Buckle Cap I have a oddly small head, which makes finding hats difficult.  But this hat is super cute and it actually fits!  I love that the purple color gives it some spunk too! 

Lands End Oxford Sheet Set Okay, so this one really is one of my favorite things. People think that I'm officially crazy when I talk about oxford cloth sheets, but are incredible.  Yes, they are pricey, but I promise they are worth it!  And like wine, they only get better with age since they get softer and softer!

Corkcicle Speaking of wine, I love this gift for that last minute gift exchange.  You freeze the corkcicle and then you pop it in a bottle of room temperature red or chilled white to keep them at their perfect temperature.  For the wine-snob's this prevents overchilling in the ice bucket or overheating sitting on the counter.  For the rest of us, it is a really cool cork for our wine!  Yes, this is another gift that I bought for someone and then couldn't resist buying one for myself!

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