Friday, April 24, 2009

I heart NYC!

Kevin and I made our annual trip to NYC (#2)! This trip was different from the rest because for the first time we didn't ride in one taxi. There was a lot of walking, maybe even too much for Kevin, and quite a bit of subway riding.

On one of our many walks, we found a cute Mexican restaurant that served the most amazing drink. The Mexican Bulldog combines the best of the Mexican alcoholic world- Margarita, Sangria and Corona! It was delicious!
The next night we were able to meet up with our good friends Shelley and Ben at an awesome German place! Here's Shelley with her incredible German beer sampler.

I was quite excited to order the traditional German 2-liter boot! Yummy!

And I was probably way too excited about the German cabbage.
I think it was the boot talking!

After some more drinks...

you can see in Kevin's face, it was time to call it a night!

We finished off our "boot" night with some Two Boots Pizza!

Please note: This is not recommended "NYC Pizza".
It was merely the only place open at the time.

The next day we took our obligatory trip to a Thai restaurant.
The meal was amazing but we both enjoyed our dessert the most- Mango and Sticky Rice.
Probably the best we have ever had!
The rest of trip was excellent. We were able have lunch with the in-laws before flying back home. Oh New York, how we'll miss you!

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